A person who eats a mostly vegetarian diet, but who is also willing to eat meat or fish occasionally. — adj. (Flexible + vegetarian.)
flexitarianism n.
Example Citations:
''People are looking at what is in our food supply — hormones, disease, antibiotics, whatever,' says Justina Walls, who teaches a class called Transitioning to Vegetarianism at Colorado Free University. And that concern has led to a burst of interest in meatless dishes, and a new breed of 'flexitarians' who eat primarily fruits, grains and vegetables, but who won't say no to steak or salmon.
— Kristin Browning-Blas, "Go veggie," The Denver Post, April 18, 2001
Newman wants people to know she is not a health food nut.
She has a passion for the occasional pork rind and describes herself as a "flexitarian," meaning that she is flexible about what she eats.
— Anne Schamberg, "Nell Newman brings dad's philosophy, her taste to Kohler," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 5, 1999
Earliest Citation:
Dining on the Drag is typically a boisterous event. But the recently opened Acorn Cafe offers diners an oasis of calm, an eclectic menu and a respite for their wallets.
The quiet cafe, tucked behind a 7-Eleven at 26th and Guadalupe streets, features what chef-owner Helga Morath calls "flexitarian fare." That's her way of describing health/vegetarian food prepared with a Continental cast.
— Linda Anthony, "Acorn serves up `flexitarian fare'," Austin American-Statesman, October 17, 1992
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